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The view from our living room

Carson Peak at dusk

Ten days ago, my partner and I moved to June Lake, CA, population 629. I rented out my room in SF, packed up my home office, and told friends I’ll be back by the end of March. As a self-identifying “city girl,” I was stunned by how much I loved living in a mountain town. Within days of arriving in June Lake, the end of March became April.

I’m now living in a smaller town and a smaller home (with small decorative gnomes), but being so close to these ageless rocks, near enough to examine their shadows and crevices, has felt surprisingly expansive. The quiet has focused my routine, creating space for new ideas to linger and mingle with memories, and my desire to socialize is sated by social media. To be sure, this move was never an escape from modernity, or the stresses of being a Millennial 😪, since I know I’ll be back in the Bay, but it is an exercise to see if i can live the life I want. More specifically, can I launch and run a sustainable startup while being able to adventure and grow with nature?

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