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Posted on May 10, 2014 by Yvonne on Journalism, knight

Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford

Last week I learned I was one of twelve U.S. fellows to be invited to participate in the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford. The news was overwhelming. As I listened to Jim Bettinger over the phone, my face could do nothing but smile. My mind flooded with joy, my heart brimmed with gratitude. Ever […]

Posted on April 3, 2014 by Yvonne on Journalism, Thoughts

Beyond Project Thunderdome

Yesterday reminded me of where I was two weeks ago. Burrowed into the corner of my window seat on a cross-country flight watching “You’ve Got Mail.” Yes. The Nora Ephron nineties rom-com starring Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks and AOL dial-up. I was particularly sappy that week so I couldn’t resist. As I was watching the […]

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Yvonne on Journalism, visual storytelling

Death of the Talking Head

It’s been in the back of my mind for awhile, but I decided to give a five-minute rant lightning talk at this year’s ONA conference about one of my pet peeves in video journalism. The slides don’t offer much context, but my preso was called “Death of the Talking Head.” For those who aren’t familiar with the phrase, “talking heads” […]

Posted on November 2, 2012 by Yvonne on Journalism, Thoughts

“Make Me Proud”

It’s something you usually hear from your mom or dad. A phrase loaded with expectation and subtle encouragement, reminding you of where you came from and where you hope to go. “Make me proud,” they’d say. And despite your inner doubts, you would always try. I heard those words at this year’s ONA conference. It […]