Beyond Project Thunderdome

April 3, 2014 5 comments

Yesterday reminded me of where I was two weeks ago. Burrowed into the corner of my window seat on a cross-country flight watching “You’ve Got Mail.” Yes. The Nora Ephron

Drone School

January 9, 2014 0 comments

We’ve been thinking a lot about drones recently at Thunderdome. Tom Meagher, our data editor, and I, his sidekick, lead a committee to establish guidelines for how and where our journalists


December 27, 2013 0 comments

A video that reminds me of what we should all be asking: “…what do we want people to feel? Delight. Surprise. Love. Connection. Then we begin to craft around our

Kitchen Pop vs. Green Giant

December 25, 2013 0 comments

The day we published Kitchen Pop: Four ways to make holiday magic with your microwave, our motion graphics designer Courtney also came across Serious Eats and Green Giant’s Simple Holiday Recipes site (through an ad, no less). If

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